Neue Photographische Gesellschaft

Dati sull'attività luogo e data di inizio attività: Berlin-Schöneberg - 1894 luogo e data di fine attività: Berlin-Steglitz - 1921
Notizie storico/biografiche A young East Prussian, Arthur Schwarz, founded NPG in 1894, renting a building in Schöneberg near Berlin. He marketed photographs and supplies, including stereoscopes. Within three years NPG had outgrown its rented quarters and Schwarz purchased a spacious complex in Berlin-Steglitz. At its peak, the company was a pioneer in color photography, had more than 1000 employees, and included subsidiary offices in London, Paris, Rome, and New York. Due to the impact of the war, NPG closed the Steglitz plant in the winter of 1921-22, and its name passed to a firm in Dresden. NPG photographs and stereographs almost always bore NPG logos. On stereographs, a 3 mm logo appeared in the lower left corner of the left image. The style of the logo changed over time. During the World War One period, the company used the style at right. NPG printed stereographs on heavy photo paper and did not mount them on cardboard, although retailers occasionally did. The first NPG war set was issued shortly after the war began in 1914. It consisted of 100 cards, each marked Krieg 1914. The cards were numbered 1-100. In 1915, the name of the series was changed to Krieg 1914-15 and cards 101-231 were added. The zenith of the NPG World War set occurred in 1916. The Krieg 1914-16 set added stereoviews 232-411 and included a large prisoner of war (POW) section. The latter bore the POW Camp (Gefangenenlager) name instead of the series name. 1917 was a time of increasing privation and disillusionment for the German populace. The successful conclusion of the war against Russia was offset by the impending entry of the United States on the side of the Allies. Fewer cards were added in the last two years of the war, and those appear not to have had series names. Throughout the war, existing stocks of older cards with their original series names were used in newer sets; they apparently were not annotated with the new series name unless the images changed or new publication runs were required. Probably in the immediate postwar period a revised set with the name Weltkrieg (World War) was created; many earlier cards were republished with that name. The final NPG Weltkrieg set, identified by a distinctive font and an "S" prefix to the numbers, may have been produced after the remnant of the company relocated to Dresden.

Colonia - Duomo. Veduta esterna del lato sud.

1907 (XX primo quarto)Neue Photographische Gesellschaft

Milano - Teatro alla Scala

1906 (1906 post - 1906 ante)Neue Photographische Gesellschaft

Milano - Studio di Luca Beltrami con modellini del Castello Sforzesco

1902 post - 1902 ante (1894 ca. - 1905 ca.)Neue Photographische Gesellschaft